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Garden Designers

Riverside Nurseries offers an exceptional opportunity for all garden designers to let their imaginations run free.

Here you’ll find an extensive range of plant species displayed in different mature sizes, together with an array of shapes and forms to inspire and help you develop your designs.

‘Pecil Cypress’, olive trees and lavenders will bring your Mediterranean garden alive, topiary and buxus will start your formal gardens fizzing, while our range of perennials and aromatics will set cottage gardens flowering. ‘Japanese Maples’ and fabulous formed plants will excite and thrill, and our range of flowering deciduous shrubs, together with small and large trees, will enhance everything from compact town gardens to contemporary clean lines and palatial estates.

You’ll be able to select and personally tag your plants, or you can send us a list, and we’ll have them ready for your collection. When collection isn’t possible, we can arrange a prompt delivery direct to your site.

We are at your service - to suggest ideas from our years of experience or let you wander and allow our plants to do the talking.