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Hedging conifers may not be everybody’s favourite but maintained well they are hard to surpass. Taxus, Thuya or Leylandii - up to 5/6mt for clean lines and complete coverage - can be shaped into balls, cones, spirals and more. For luxury and statement visit us and experience our fabulous selection of yew centrepieces. Quintessential Italian pencil cypress create a stunning impact as individuals or as avenues, not forgetting majestic cedars, umbrella pines or the soft to touch Himalayan pine. Carpet the ground with junipers; gold, green and blue, spot place quirky pinus mugo and strobus nana in a rockscape, or wave natural cones of Thuya Emerald and golden balls of Thuya Aurea Nana into fascinating designs.

Consider Cryptomeria with its unique bronze winter foliage and loose ball shape of Globosa Nana, or spongy soft Elegans. We have the ranges and sizes to excite you and your clients, so come and rediscover the beauty of the ‘cone bearers’.