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Bamboos and Grasses

Gardens are more than just flowers or forms, they can be full of movement and mystique. More than beauty and scent, they should be heard and felt, nothing showing this better than bamboos and ornamental grasses. Majestic phyllostachys with green, gold and black glistering stems create soft and fluid screens, Arundo Donax Variegata and Miscanthus whisper secrets with subtle striped spears, leaving children and adults imagining exotic steaming jungles or mirage-shimmering savannahs.

Enjoy the refined gentle sway of Fargesia with under-planting of burnished Carex Buchanii, flowing fountain grass Hamelyn or almost everlasting Calamagrostis Overdan.

Make a feathery swathe or separate soft cushions of Pleioblastus Fortunei, Festuca Elijah Blue, Carex Evergold, Imperata Red Baron, or Ophiopongo Nigrescens (Black Grass). Embrace your garden, and in some of its best spots watch your flower display dry and hold into winter.