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For instant coverage with fences, trellis, walls and pergola we have a fantastic range of mature climbers supplied on canes from 1 to 4mt, or trellis up to 2mt.

Wonderful Wisterias bring blue, pink, purple and white spring scent, supplied in a ready flowering mature state, as is Clematis, heavy laden with pinks and whites. Exotic Exhocorda ‘The Bride’ gives way to heavenly honeysuckle and the favourite seductive scent of evergreen and deciduous Jasmine.

Hot reds and oranges of Campsis trumpet vine lead us to succulent scented fruits of flowering quince, kiwi fruit, passion flower and grape vine. We have evergreen gold and silver wall carpeting ivies, blanketing Virginia creepers and Boston ivy for flaring autumn colours, and our frames provide easy instant cover with trained wall shrubs like Ceanothus, Pyracantha firethorn and the Magnifical Garrya tassel bush.

Lets face it, we’ve got it covered!