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Always in stock at the nursery is an extensive range of hedging. Robust Laurels and Photinia Red Robin in all sizes give cost effective and complete screening no matter how large the run, but if traditional yew or beech are needed we have a great selection of root-ball options. Contemplate flowering Portuguese Laurel (Prunus Lusitanica ), seductively scented Osmanthus or Elaeagnus, simple privet; or bold Euonymus; maybe even non-evergreen purple Berberis or brash Forsythia, as well as security conscious holly, firethorn ( Pyracantha ) and Mahonia. All these are available in whatever volume required to form stunning uniform barriers.

Try ever popular Buxus in parterres, or small leaved holly, or even the exciting new Euonymus Bendomaski, small leaved but with a big future.

Aromatic Lavender, Rosmary, or Sarcoccoca can make a sensory heaven in a cottage garden, and where it suits there are green, gold and blue conifers for total screening with clean lines and tight form. We have endless options and every size required at the competitive prices your customers demand.